LA Nation

LA Nation was unfortunately a disaster. The site had been customised by several different developers before me and by the time I was hired, the site was a broken mess making no sales even though they were spending ad revenue sending traffic. This ended up being a big job I needed to not only update the theme, but move over all the customisations that worked, which the client had to keep. So this basically meant compiling a list and having to go search through everything to find the code as the old developers did not have a good code of practice so it was very messy.

Then after that there were my own customisations I had to code. Which you can see below as an example in images below the homepage preview. All the individual products have their own colours and the client wanted the colours to look like they were actual products throughout the site, and not just one product card with lots of variant options. You can see how the products have similar names and their own images yet below the title list the correct colours. Then if you click into any of those colour options it picks the correct variant (colour) and also lists each of them with their own unique links.

I made sure they were all kept together and had the appropriate comments in case another developer came after me. This also makes it easier to update the themes in the future.
Product Colour Variants coded to look as if they are their own individual proucts.
In the Product page we also showed each of the individual colours as links their their own page. (Which is just this one)