Hi there and welcome to my portfolio.

The aim of this website is not just to showcase my work in the hopes that you will hire me, but as I’ve progressed in my freelance career, I have experienced many types of “bad faith” actors. Basically, a least 50% of my work is sorting someone’s code or website due to the client (most likely you) going for the cheaper option.

Unfortunately with this cheaper option I have experienced client’s who have paid upfront and been given a half baked website. Either it doesn’t function like they expected it to, or even worse, the website design does not match up with the design mock-ups they had given to this cheap designer. I suspect a lot of the work is further outsourced to people even cheaper as I’ve saw different pages in the same website coded so differently it had to be several people working on this website.

Through these experiences with how painful it is seeing the amount of monies client’s have spent on these “cheap” designers, paying them even more in the hopes they will fix what they created. I say these designers work in ‘bad faith’ because they do. They won’t keep the client updated on progress, they lie about the website they’ve created suggesting it works, taking extraordinary long times to complete the task (squeezing out the hours?).

Sadly there seems to be no transparency or clarity, or even worse, honesty within web design. Or at least this is the experience with a lot of my new clients. Usually coming to me and paying even more to have me fix their site. Which brings me back to this Blog. I hope to be able to change this, and not only share my own experiences with my work and jobs I receive and help create. But also educate you on the technical side of website development.

As a client you should at least have an understanding of the process that goes into your website creation. Quality doesn’t have to be cheap, or take months and this is what I hope to show with these blog posts and into the coming future video’s. Examples would be me showing you the best way to set up a website for speed optimisation on WordPress. Show you my own pricing guide and how cheap I can create websites, you may be a small business and have a limited budget and need something fast and easy that looks great as you need a platform to showcase your business. Or maybe you have a big budget and would prefer I knuckle down with design or areas like UX & UI research if you are serious about converting and generating leads. Either way I can accommodate and I hope I can show this through my portfolio examples or through my Blog posts.

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