Odd Coffee

This was a big site, as what they had before was a disaster from a developer they hired before me. When I saw what they had I explained they may as well have a fresh website built. They wanted a lot of custom coding like animations and specific designs which made it more complicated. Yet this was easily done within their budget and time they had to go live with they new design. An interesting build which I am extremely proud of.

CTO Lighting

CTO was another broken website handed to me to fix. As usually there was a lot that worked and a lot that didn’t. So what I did was install a new version of the theme. Rebuild the look that needed it, then simply copied over the code and third party assets that worked. As this was a specific custom built website due to how the client doesn’t want a checkout process right now (that’s coming soon). Customer instead request for quotes or can apply for an account then can see pricing etc. Which in itself was custom as we had to use the Shopify liquid to work out different prices for different cotenants and different discounts for different clients. A job like this was just under 50 hours to complete and I had quoted between 50 and 60 so managed to get it done faster than I thought due to the sheer mess of the website.

LA Nation

LA Nation was unfortunately a disaster. The site had been customised by several different developers before me and by the time I was hired, the site was a broken mess making no sales even though they were spending ad revenue sending traffic. This ended up being a big job I needed to not only update the theme, but move over all the customisations that worked, which the client had to keep. So this basically meant compiling a list and having to go search through everything to find the code as the old developers did not have a good code of practice so it was very messy.

Then after that there were my own customisations I had to code. Which you can see below as an example in images below the homepage preview. All the individual products have their own colours and the client wanted the colours to look like they were actual products throughout the site, and not just one product card with lots of variant options. You can see how the products have similar names and their own images yet below the title list the correct colours. Then if you click into any of those colour options it picks the correct variant (colour) and also lists each of them with their own unique links.

I made sure they were all kept together and had the appropriate comments in case another developer came after me. This also makes it easier to update the themes in the future.


Nought was another interesting project as it was something new we were trying again. This time, instead of using Figma to design and then translate though designs into code within Shopify. We tried to use a plugin that would take a Webflow website and transform it into Shopify. In hindsight I am not too sure if this was the right way to do it, it did save some time with me having to write my own code for sections and animations. Yet when it came to trying to add it into Shopify, the app hadn’t written the code to the best of practice. No matter the site was still completed within the allocated budget as I knew I was working with this plugin. Although I would not advise this. It’s easier, faster, and cleaner to have the site written from scratch based on a design. Instead of giving it to a plugin.

Tiger Fight Prints

Tiger Fight Prints was a smaller job than I normally do. The reason was another developer had started before me and essentially made a mess of the website. So most of the set up was done, it was just a case of fixing what was broken and making the site functionality. I decided it would be best to start again with a fresh theme built from scratch. Since design was mostly done, and all products and information in the admin had been added. It was just a case of rebuilding the site to look like the designs.


This site uses the free Debut theme on Shopify and as you can see from the Figma designs below all the sections had to be added fresh and fit in with the theme and work around everything. The design itself nice and simple with very striking colours highlighting this new brand as it finally opened it’s website this year due to delays with packaging due to COVID. A site like this comes in around $1,750 – $2,000USD. Max

Shaz & Kiks

Shaz and Kiks was a redesign of an old website created by an Agency that unfortunately cut corners. So I decided to use the Narrative theme which is free on Shopify and already had features pre-coded that we could utilise and keep costs of the overall development down as all we had to do was customise these existing features. The design itself which is great was also a lot simpler to create so development time was faster.


WildPatch was an incredibly challenging website to create as it was very custom using lots of interesting designs and different ways to utilise each of the sections. Still I was able to easily build this off the free Debut theme Shopify provides and customise and bring this fantastic design to life for a great new brand.

Technology Outlet

The Technology Outlet is an example of how easy it is to take a premium theme, in this case “Expanse”, which was already OS2.0 ready and easily edit all the sections to fit the Figma files. Here the designer had a look at exactly what Expanse had to offer then created the site design based on those pre-made sections and areas, which I customised. Any thing that wasn’t already a part of the theme in the design I could easily code. Yet this was fast build due to how most of the leg work had already been done by the theme.


I was given their XD Designs which I then transformed into a full website by utilising Elementor Pro Page Builder. A nice and easy website to create. Your standard build and price for any small business just starting out and getting started with their website.