This site uses the free Debut theme on Shopify and as you can see from the Figma designs below all the sections had to be added fresh and fit in with the theme and work around everything. The design itself nice and simple with very striking colours highlighting this new brand as it finally opened it’s website this year due to delays with packaging due to COVID. A site like this comes in around $1,750 – $2,000USD. Max

Shaz & Kiks

Shaz and Kiks was a redesign of an old website created by an Agency that unfortunately cut corners. So I decided to use the Narrative theme which is free on Shopify and already had features pre-coded that we could utilise and keep costs of the overall development down as all we had to do was customise these existing features. The design itself which is great was also a lot simpler to create so development time was faster.


WildPatch was an incredibly challenging website to create as it was very custom using lots of interesting designs and different ways to utilise each of the sections. Still I was able to easily build this off the free Debut theme Shopify provides and customise and bring this fantastic design to life for a great new brand.

Technology Outlet

The Technology Outlet is an example of how easy it is to take a premium theme, in this case “Expanse”, which was already OS2.0 ready and easily edit all the sections to fit the Figma files. Here the designer had a look at exactly what Expanse had to offer then created the site design based on those pre-made sections and areas, which I customised. Any thing that wasn’t already a part of the theme in the design I could easily code. Yet this was fast build due to how most of the leg work had already been done by the theme.